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These cufflinks were owned by Elvis Presley and were obtained from Hobart and Bonnie Burnette in 1999.

Each one is accompanied with a Letter of Authenticity hand signed from the owner of the ELVIS-A-RAMA-MUSEUM before he sold to Graceland.

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During the early 1960's Vernon purchased a home 1266 Dolan Dr, which is adjacent to Graceland along the southeastern wall. Elvis had a gate installed so that he could walk from his backyard directly into his father's house. After Elvis' divorce in 1973, Elvis spent more time over there to occasionally escape Graceland and its inhabitants. Elvis would sometimes stay over late into the night talking with his father about the old days, his philosophies about life and his family.

After Elvis' death, Vernon moved into Graceland and sold the Dolan home and all its contents to Holbart and Bonnie Burnette who owned the Hickory Log Restaurant across the street from Graceland. The Burnette's delivered food up to the house for the Memphis Mafia and on occasion Elvis and/or Vernon.

The owner of the ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM purchased many personal items of Elvis and Vernon's from the Burnettes in the summer of 1999. Included in the purchase were many items including: Elvis' acetates, a guitar, pajamas and other clothing, badges, shoes, and furniture, some of which we own.

The ELVIS-A-RAMA-MUSEUM has been bought by Graceland and retired.